Home Theater Installation Services: We'll Help You Create the Perfect Cinematic Experience

Home Theater Installation

Home Theater Installation

Bringing the Cinema Home: The Art of Home Theater Design

We understand the importance of home theater installation to create a captivating and immersive entertainment experience right in the comfort of your own home. We guide you through the various aspects of planning and setting up your home theater system, from designing the room layout to the final testing and fine-tuning. We will cover all aspects, such as audio system setup, display installation, wiring and cable management, audio-visual equipment installation, lighting and room control, furniture, and acoustic treatments.

Perfecting the Space: Designing the Ideal Home Theater Layout

We Create an ideal room layout, which is the foundation of a successful home theater installation. Consider the available space, seating arrangement, and viewing angles to optimize the viewing experience. Our professionals assist you in arranging the seating, screens, and speakers to provide maximum comfort and immersion. We consider elements like the size of the room, acoustic considerations, and any architectural constraints to design a layout that enhances both aesthetics and functionality.

Crafting an Exceptional Audio Experience

An exceptional audio experience is a crucial element of any home theater. Our professionals aid you in choosing the right audio system components, including speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and audio receivers. We consider factors such as room size, desired sound quality, and personal preferences to create a customised audio system setup that delivers immersive surround sound and crystal-clear audio reproduction.

Projection or TV Display Installation:

Choosing between a projection system and a TV display is an important decision in your home theater installation. A projection system is ideal for larger rooms, while a TV display is better for smaller spaces. We help you evaluate the options based on factors such as room size, viewing distance, and budget. If you opt for a projection system, we assist with selecting the right projector and screen, optimising the throw distance, and ensuring proper alignment and calibration. For TV displays, we help with choosing the appropriate size, display technology, and placement for optimal viewing.

Wiring and Cable Management:

For a neat and well-organized home theater installation, suitable wiring and cable management are crucial. The choice between a projector and a TV display depends on several factors, including the room’s size, the kind of media being viewed, and the cost of each option. We take care of routing and concealing cables to minimise clutter and ensure a tidy appearance. By utilising techniques such as in-wall wiring, cable trays, and wire management solutions, we create a seamless and professional look while maintaining easy access for upkeep and future upgrades.

Seamless Integration of Audio-Visual Components

Installing and integrating audio-visual equipment can be complex and overwhelming. Our team of experts is well-versed in handling the installation of projectors, screens, TVs, audio receivers, speakers, and other components. We ensure proper mounting, secure connections, and seamless integration of equipment to deliver an optimised audio-visual experience.

Calibration and Testing:

To achieve precise and balanced audio and video performance, calibration is an essential step. Our technicians calibrate the audio system to ensure proper speaker positioning, optimal sound levels, and precise frequency response. We also calibrate video settings to achieve accurate colours, contrast, and brightness. Thorough testing is conducted to fine-tune the system and address any potential issues to deliver a top-notch home theater experience.

Integrating Lighting and Room Systems

In order to set the perfect mood for your home theater, lighting is vital. We assist in selecting and installing appropriate lighting fixtures, including dimmable lights and sconces, to create a theater-like environment. Using integration with room control systems, you can manage lights, audio, and video settings seamlessly, enhancing the overall experience.

Enhancing Acoustics with Treatments and Furniture

Comfortable and well-designed furniture is fundamental for enjoying your home theater to the fullest. We help you choose suitable seating options that provide optimal viewing angles and seating positions. Additionally, we recommend and install acoustic treatments such as absorption panels, diffusers, and bass traps to enhance sound quality, lower echoes, and reach ideal room acoustics.

Fine-Tuning Your Home Theater Setup

Once the initial setup is complete, our experts conduct a thorough testing and fine-tuning process. We ensure that all components are functioning properly, audio and video synchronisation is accurate, and the complete performance meets your expectations. We make any necessary adjustments to achieve the best possible audio-visual venture in your home theater.

When you want a top-tier home theater installation but are confused about where to do it to get optimum results. Say less; we have come to your rescue. At Acoustic Crafts & Design, we provide a comprehensive solution to all your home theater needs. You might be reluctant to choose, and hence we provide you with a glimpse into what sets us apart:

1. Room Mode Calculation

Understanding your room’s acoustic properties is the foundation of our home theater installations. Through advanced room mode calculations, we identify resonant frequencies and address acoustic challenges for optimal sound performance.

2. MLP Seating Layout

With our expertise, we carefully plan and implement the “Main Listening Position” (MLP) seating layout, ensuring that you enjoy a sweet spot with balanced sound throughout your home theater.

3. Calculating Speaker Angles as per Dolby Guidelines

To create an immersive audio experience, we meticulously calculate speaker angles based on Dolby guidelines. This ensures precise speaker positioning, surrounding you in captivating sound from every direction.

4. Acoustic Calculation Based on Room Mode

We create a harmonious acoustic environment, which is the key to a remarkable home theater experience. Our acoustic calculations, factoring in room mode, allow us to strategically place acoustic treatments for optimal sound absorption and clarity.

5. Speaker Dispersion Angle

Our attention to detail extends to speaker dispersion angles. By customising speaker positioning, we enhance sound distribution, ensuring each seat in your theater enjoys a captivating audio performance.

6. Choosing Speaker Audio Layout: 5.1 or 7.1, 7.1.4, 5.1.4

Tailoring your audio setup to your preferences,we assist you in selecting the ideal speaker audio layout, whether it’s a classic 5.1 system or an immersive 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos setup for a theater-like experience.

7. Speaker and Amplifier DB Level Calculation as per Room Size

Our expert team finds the right balance between speaker and amplifier levels and calculates the optimum DB levels based on your room size, ensuring rich, dynamic sound without distortion.

8. Projector Selection

When it comes to visuals, we’ve got you covered too. Our specialists guide you through projector selection, considering factors like resolution, brightness, and screen size for a captivating visual experience.

9. Acoustic Theme Selection

Make your home theater unique with a tailored acoustic theme. We help you choose the perfect theme that complements your style while enhancing audio performance.

10. Create 2D & 3D Working Drawings

Visualising your dream theater becomes effortless with our detailed 2D and 3D working drawings. Experience a virtual tour before the actual installation, ensuring we meet your expectations.

Audio Calibration with Professional Calibration Microphone

No installation is complete without audio calibration. With precision and expertise, we calibrate your audio system using professional calibration microphones, guaranteeing an audio performance that surpasses expectations.

Step by step guide to the home theater installation & soundproof right away.

As we know, that everyone has a dream to have their home theater to be more comfortable and luxurious and well-equipped with the decent sound system with the giant projector screen, recliners and carpet to enjoy the multiplex experience at home. But most people do not know or maybe forgetting some dispensing elements while designing home theater, which is acoustics and soundproofing. The primary purpose of home theater installation & soundproofing is isolating theater’s sound from the rest of the house or neighborhood sound and creating a high-quality sound inside the home theater room that gives you a fantastic sound experience at home.
So, first, we need to understand where sound leaks?
Usually, in the home theater, sound levels range from 70db to 95 dB with the perfect low-frequency sound, known as bass and high-quality frequency sound. So it is pretty essential to control the low-frequency sound for soundproofing at the home because it passes through the thick walls, floors, doors, ceilings and other kinds of windows. For example, suppose if you play sound inside the car and stand outside the car by closing all the car windows, you will not hear the song lyrics properly, but you can listen to the bass vibration. But if you have performed home theater installation & soundproofing well, you can control the inner sound as well as outer sound.

Ways to control sound at the home theater:
It is recommended to add high-density mass on the surface (ceiling, walls, and floors) to control the low-frequency sound. A High-density group is like Sound Blanket loaded with vinyl by bricks or gypsum, and to prevent the high-frequency sound waves, one should use the combination of absorber and diffusers.

Sound absorber:
You open high-density acoustic foam for the sound absorption

High-density mass:
High density closed cell soundproofing membranes blocks sound with STC 36

Sound diffusers:
Shaped surface to the dispersed sound in various direction

Step by step guide for home theater installation & soundproofing:

First, you need to measure the wall area with the formula which is:
Wall area of the room={Length*Height*2}+{Breadth*Height*2}
Ceiling area=length*Breadth
Floor Area= Length*Breadth
Total Area=Ceiling Area + Floor Area+ Wall Area

To find the room’s total area, we now need to add mass to the wall isolation using Sound Blanket loaded with vinyl with the 5mm thickness on the wall and 3mm thickness on the ceiling and floor for perfect home theater installation & soundproofing. It can be installed easily with acoustic design and crafts’ expert guidance and further putting the nail to the final grip. If you are installing Sound Blanket mass on the floor, the pin is not required.
Installation techniques : Walls : Sound Blanket can be cut into 1* 1-meter pieces and apply to the wall directly. It can also be pruned as per the insulation framework to fit in the GI network in high soundproofing areas.
Ceiling : It is recommended to use Sound Blanket MLV on the ceiling area but not use any suspension system because of heavy weight. The walls can be cut into several pieces and applied to cover 100% ceiling area, the addition of mass to block all the sounds.
Floor : Sound Blanket usually comes in the roll form so that it can spread quickly on the floor. It has the flexible property that allows it to turn and fold at the elevation and steps.

Step 3:
Now it’s time to add diffusers and absorbers. After the complete installation of the dampener, the absorber and diffuser are being installed directly on layer-1. Acoustic design and crafts uses the best sound absorber for the home theater installation & soundproofing with Groove acoustic foam, boxer acoustic foam and wooden acoustic panel.
The absorber is being placed on the first reflection point, which is located behind the speaker. 80% of the room is covered by the absorber and the rest 20% by sound diffusers.

After installing diffusers and absorbers, now it is time to cover the floor with the carpet to the wall.

Now install the window and door seal. Acoustic door seal used by our experts are self-adhesive tape that comes with the vacuum technology that blocks the air gap found in the door edge. Other door seal bottoms can be applied easily using the nails in the door’s bottom for covering air gaps.

Step 6:
Now is the time to complete the sound system, make other fits to experience a luxurious home theater experience by doing home theater installation & soundproofing practice

Step by step guide for soundproofing and acoustic work for home theater with the fabric paneling:

Measure the wall area as mentioned above

Step 2:
Add mass for noise isolation on the wall, ceiling and floor as mentioned in previous steps.

Step 3:
Install the complete wooden framework as per your dream design

Step 4:
It’s time to install our recommended acoustic foam over the ceiling

Add acoustic sound insulation pads inside the framework up to 50 MM

Step 6:
Now it’s time to cover the framework with the acoustic fabric

Step 7:
Cover the floor with the carpet till all walls

Step 8:
Install the window and door seals. Use the self-adhesive tape to block the air gaps of the edge of the doors and apply other door seals bottom of the door for the zero air gaps.

Step 9:
Now complete the sound system to get the luxurious home theater installation &  soundproofing experience

The benefit of home theater installation & soundproofing with acoustic design and crafts service.

There are certain benefits of using acoustic design and crafts’ recommended products than fabric panels which are given below.

  • Our acoustics services provide professional home theater installation &  soundproofing and other acoustic treatment at lower installation cost
  • The local carpenters can do the installation in 6-12 hours only.
  • It provides modern 3D finished products.
  • It provides guaranteed quality and performance.
  • All the products delivered within 5-6 days across India
  • Prices are pretty competitive.
  • It is the one step brand for complete soundproofing.

In the above article, we have mentioned how to perform home theater installation & soundproofing right away by following step by step guide.

Acoustics Design and Craft perfectly design your home theater room and enhance the quality of sound and provide smart home solutions. We perfectly blend the music with art and include the essence of Acoustical science within and perfectly align the music. We perfectly design the theater room and provide high-quality layers of sound absorption and diffusion block. We completely change your room’s aesthetics.

We are highly experienced in A/V, HVAC, Seating, Lighting, Construction, Acoustics, and of course Interior Design, we have a team of field experts in all streams who precisely integrate and deliver your exact visualized output. We always clearly explain our technical and aesthetical aspects of the work. We have a wide design of aesthetical factors which includes a selection of screen resolution, selecting the surrounding and furniture theme, flooring and wall color selection, lighting theme, and ensuring perfect seating comfort and perfect installation of speaker and sound controlling equipment. We have a special design and interior aesthetic for all Game enthusiastic.

Through the efforts of ever approachable management team, Acoustic design & craft has procured overflowing standing on the lookout for making remarkable acoustic plan, noise control, Home theater installation & Soundproofing of all ways. From giant activities to dainty ventures, we have executed them all with comparable excitement and responsibility.

Noise acoustics consultants specialists are profoundly qualified in the study of sound and vibration which prepares our group to set them up as exceptional with their extensive information in control and control of sound.

Remembering the current situation and the market circumstances, Acoustics design consultancy offers assistance that is financially savvy in every one of the ways that could be available. Our Acoustical interior works include specialists who carry your fantasies and assumptions genuine with their own hint of innovativeness. Our home theater design specialists have hands-on experience in giving very good quality home theater experience that match your spending plan.Get your theater setup on and the party begins. Get in touch with us today to find out about the alternatives we offer with regards to Home theater installation & Soundproofing in Coimbatore.


What type of insulation is best for Home theater installation & soundproofing?

At the point when Home theater installation & sound proofing is your objective, your most ideal choices out there are fiberglass protection and blown-in cellulose protection. The two materials are inconceivably acceptable at their positions; they protect unbelievably well yet in addition have the desired noise-reducing properties that numerous homeowners are looking for.

Which material is best for Home theater installation & soundproofing and why?

Polyester vertical lapping method (PET) panels PET is the abbreviation for polyethene terephthalate a material that is used to produce high-quality acoustic NRC value. The PET attributes allow for high-quality furnishings, floorings, roofing, heat insulation and energy-saving architecture. It has Excellent sound absorption and noise reduction properties for home theater installation & soundproofing.

Is a dedicated room necessary for a home theater installation?

While a dedicated room is ideal, it is not always necessary. We can work with the available space and help optimise the room layout and acoustics to create an immersive home theater experience.

Can I use wireless speakers for my home theater setup?

Yes, wireless speakers can be used in a home theater installation. However, it’s important to consider factors such as audio quality, signal stability, and potential latency issues when choosing wireless solutions.

How long will it take to set up a home theater?

The setup process’s length is determined by various factors, including the complexity of the project, the dimension of the room, and the other requirements. A typical home theater setup can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to complete.

Is it possible to upgrade my existing home theater installation?

Yes absolutely! We can assess your current setup and recommend upgrades or modifications to enhance your home theater experience. Whether it’s adding new components, improving sound quality, or upgrading the display, we can help you take your home theater to the next level.

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