Soundproofing For Recording Studio

Recording studio soundproofing

Recording studio soundproofing

How to do soundproofing for recording studio

As we know, every musician and recording artist required space without noise, and a soundproof room has meant for a voice-over artist, musician, screen actors, and other podcasters who record the audio at their home. Some people would like to record audio or song at the recording studio, but in recent years, people want to have their recording studio, which is nice. So, in this article, we will put some light on how we can make our recording studio soundproof and the other ways to do the same things. Why soundproofing is required in the recording space and how soundproofing for recording studio is beneficial for recording sound.
So first, we should understand what soundproofing is?

Soundproofing is the process of creating a room resistant to the passage of sound waves. The main purpose of performing soundproofing activities is to block the external noise entering from the outside of the room and keeping the internal noise escaping the room; it is quite difficult to stop the sound waves from entering from one place to another place, but we can achieve a significant amount of noise reduction feasibly.
Now we need to see the appropriate methods that are required for soundproofing for recording studio.

Method of Soundproofing:

Four primary methods are being used in soundproofing any room

Adding mass:
It is used to prevent sound from entering from outside and entering sound in the room. The wall of the room requires a lot of mass used in order to prevent them from vibrating in response to the sound energy. If someone is building a room from scratch, an adequate abundance is added to the wall for making the wall a little bit thick with the dense material to prevent sound from going out and restrict sound from entering the room. For adding mass, the additional structure must be build using materials mass loaded vinyl, SheetBlock, which is considered as standard material for the project.
STC(sound transmission class), a metric, measures how effective material is beneficial for soundproofing. A hard material such as concrete has higher STC’s while another soft material like insulation has a lower one

  • If metric shows range from 20-30, it is considered as poor
  • If metric displays range from 30-40, it is regarded as average
  • If metric shows run from 40-50, it lies under the good category

Overall, adding mass is the effective method for soundproofing for recording studio

Damping is also one of the methods for soundproofing for recording studio, like adding mass. Damping dissipates kinetic energy from the sound waves and converts it to heat. At present, Green glue is the most effective damping compound in the market. Damping compound is used by sandwiching between two rigid panels using tubes for each 4*8 ft sheets. Anyone can create a sound barrier for the studio that can be added to any room corner, including ceiling, floor, walls, and even the doors.

When two structures of your room are attached toto each other directly, sound vibration can transfer from one another, creating a noise problem and even worse conditions. So, in this case, decoupling is the process in which we block the transfer of the sound and isolate the contact point with some sort of dense. So if points are not connected, we can control the noise/vibration sound easily, which is one of the effective techniques of soundproofing of recording studio.
Some common examples of decoupling are given below.

  • Building a floating floor
  • Creating double walls
  • Isolating the layers
  • Isolating studs from the ceiling

Filling Air gaps:

The final task of soundproofing is to fill up the little cracks and holes in the room sealed up airtight. If you have performed the above activities, there might be a chance to remain cracks or open holes in the wall that air gaps need to be filled for better soundproofing of recording studio.

There are three common tools are used to fill up those holes:

  • Acoustical cauls
  • Foam gasket
  • Automatic door bottoms

Now it’s time to understand the primary reasons behind soundproof a recording studio.

  • Soundproof is required to prevent outside noise that causes the ruining the recording. If you soundproof your recording studio, you need not worry about the noise coming from the outside, such as aeroplane sound, animal sound, car horns and other kinds of sounds.
  • Soundproofing is not just for outside sound but also beneficial to overcome inside sound such as AC Sound, heating system sound, keyboard click sound, computer fans sound etc.
  • There is some soundproof material that minimizes the echo that is beneficial for recording.
  • If recording studio soundproof, you will get professionally recorded sound.

Based on the above reasons, soundproofing for recording studio can give you an amazing recording experience.

How to soundproof a recording space in easy steps

Five steps are required to make soundproof of a recording studio in an easy way

  • First, select a desired place
  • Effective use of insulation to develop a recording work environment
  • Modify all kind of block out sound
  • You need to buy thick layered carpeting
  • Attach drywall land second layer to the wall’s sheet block
Is soundproofing is necessary:

As you see, soundproofing is a job that requires time, money, and skill that most of us do not have. But suppose you are really like a professional recording. In that case, you should not skip such noise parameters and go with the soundproofing for the recording studio to get an extraordinary experience. Some time outside noise may distract your work and annoying a lot. If your recording studio is soundproof, you can continue your work peacefully. You can overcome inside noise as well as outside noise to avoid any kind of hindrances

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What Are the Benefits of Soundproofing a Recording Studio?

Soundproofing for recording studio assists you with accomplishing proficient sound quality accounts. Remove sound obstruction on your recordings with studio soundproofing.

What materials are best for absorbing sound ?

List of the Best Sound Absorbing Materials
1. Acoustic Foam Panels
2. Acoustic Fabric Panels
3. Sound Absorbing Underlayment
4. Acoustic Partitions
5. Acoustic Cotton Batts
6. Acoustic Polyester Panels (PET)
7. Hanging Ceiling Baffles
8. Acoustic Curtains
9. Acoustic door and Seals
10. Acoustic Door and Windows

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